Women’s Horlicks Jar 400 gm

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Horlicks: Fat – 2 gms;
Carbohydtare- 79.2 gms of which sugar is 13.5 gm.

Horlicks contain many nutritious ingredients,
which is why consuming this drink gives us many benefits.Horlicks are consumed
in almost all households. It is also recommended by doctors to consume it. Here
we will bring you the benefits of drinking Horlicks. After receiving this
information, you will also be able to provide information about the benefits
while recommending it to any of your acquaintances.Horlicks is a mixed hot
beverage, named after its producer company Horlicks. Horlicks Company’s founder
William and James Horlicks made it, their name was named Horlicks on their
surname. At the same time Glaxo Smithkline played an important role in reaching
it to different countries.Benefits of drinking HorllicsHorlicks have a rich
amount of calcium, which is helpful in keeping our bones and teeth strong and
healthy. Along with this it is also helpful in diagnosing health related
problems like body tightness and weakness.

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Women's Horlicks Jar 400 gm

৳ 475.00৳ 480.00 (-1%)

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